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A. Please refer to the owners manual that came with your shotgun. You can also visit our FABARM How To (videos) section for video tutorials on several of our guns.

A. The XLR5 AR, LR and FR target guns all have 2 ¾” chambers. The XLR5 Waterfowler, XLR5 Syren Waterfowler and L4S Hunting models all have 3” chambers.

A. No. The barrels, stocks, action assemblies and pistons will not interchange and can damage your gun if you attempt it.


• Skeet/Cylinder; .000″
• #2; .012″
• #5; .022″
• #7; .031″
• #9; .040″

A. YES, the FABARM XLR5 VELOCITY is the true LEFT HAND EJECT semiautomatic shotgun available to the competitive shooter.

A. FABARM USA works hard at sourcing replacement parts for your shotgun. Unfortunately not all parts are available because of the length of time the gun had been discontinued. Please contact us regarding your shotgun. A serial number will quickly identify if parts are available for your gun.

A. Due to inconsistencies with reloading, inclusive of components, equipment and potential human error, FABARM cannot warranty its shotguns with non-factory loaded ammunition. Only factory loaded ammunition is to be used.

A. No, wood is not covered under warranty unless it is a manufacturers defect.

A. The FABARM XLR5 VELOCITY is the only semiautomatic shotgun that has an adjustable rib and requires no tools to adjust the point of impact. To adjust the rib, simply press down on the rib and turn the dial clockwise to raise your point of impact or counter-clockwise to lower your point of impact.

A. Remove butt pad with Philips #2 screwdriver. Remove nut #D-018 with 16mm socket wrench. Interchange shim to desired setting, using only one shim. Replace stock ensuring there is no bind on the trigger guard tang at bottom rear of action stock interface.

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